An Interview with Mohit Agarwal of Indian Travel Blogger:

Hi Mohit, welcome to my interview on the best blogging platform. Before I start the interview, I want to give a brief introduction about Mohit so that readers can have some knowledge about you.

Mohit Agarwal is a travel blogger and has a decent personal brand. He is an engineer turned content marketer and blogger. He comes from a small town Haldwani where mountains surround him and the first ray of sunlight falls right on his doorstep. He says “I travel to give a treat to my eyes and soul, to rejuvenate” …

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your Blog?

I come from a small town Haldwani where mountains surround me, and the first ray of sunlight falls right on my doorstep. “I travel to give a treat to my eyes and soul, to rejuvenate me and my lungs”. I am a travel blogger.

What did you do before Blogging? What inspired you to start blogging?

Nothing…sounds weird? Well, that is the truth. After my graduation, I was ideal for about two months and that’s when I thought to take over the long residing wish to travel and blog about my jaunts.

As a blogger, what are the challenges you face? How have you overcome it?

I have never been a friendly person with computer skills. Playing with the HTML and all have never been my cup of tea. This is what was causing a delay in the start of my blog.

It was only after my graduation when I gave deep thought to it and that’s when I discovered WordPress where things were a click away…Just the way I wanted.

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement in your journey so far as a Blogger?

I would say as a blogger I have learned a lot and the biggest achievement I would say is that it taught me to be an outgoing person. Throughout my life so far, I have been quite conservative and introverted with only a handful of friends and blogging brought me out of this phase.

Have you worked/collaborate with brands? If yes, name few brands you worked with
Oh yeah,
Holiday, Triphoton, JustWravel, Nainital Cottages, StayOnSkill.

How do you come up with blog post ideas for your blog?
I always get my best blog post ideas when I’m doing something else.
One thing I’ll do is scan through a bunch of blog posts found using
Zest is a stream of pre-filtered marketing content (for other niches you can use content aggregators like All Top or Q&A sites like Quora).
I’ll consume as much information as I can without trying to think of ideas – this is the inspiration for later (it’s like an input/output thing). Then I’ll go and do something repetitive that requires little thought. Something like playing guitar, gardening, or eating a snack.

What is your primary income source?
Working as a civil engineer

Top 3 Blogging tools that you would recommend to your readers?
2. Canva for image designing
3. Splice for video editing

One piece of advice that you would like to share with all new bloggers.
Develop your style and keep patience. That’s the key to success.

What are the golden rules of blogging according to you?
There aren’t any “rules” as such, just suggestions. But a strong part of my ethos is that a blog should be focused on helping, and not creating hysteria, or negatively impacting anyone. Really it all boils down to this: be good and do good things.

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